2019 National Taiwan University

    • The Chinese Language Division in the Language Center of National Taiwan University (NTU) was established in October 1984. It offers programs on Mandarin Chinese language training and facilitated research projects in this field.
    • At the initial stage, only two programs, the “Chinese Program for Foreign Students” and the “Research Core Course,” were offered in our division. However, due to the radically growing trend of foreigners learning Chinese in recent years, the foreign universities that have signed the agreement on educational cooperation with NTU, or those that will attempt to work with NTU in the future, express their wishes to send students here to learn Chinese. To cater to the rising trend of international cultural exchanges, to enable overseas Chinese people to better understand our country, to facilitate foreigners in learning Mandarin and Chinese dialects, and also to support the demand of Chinese language teachers, our division started to provide Chinese courses to the public in 2000.


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