The Summer Mandarin Study Tour held at the Chinese Language Center (CLC) of National Chengchi University (NCCU) enables international students to enroll in high-quality, intensive language classes while experiencing authentic life in Taiwan. The curriculum is flexible and designed to accommodate the individual needs of each student. It includes three hours of Mandarin class each morning from Monday through Friday and numerous extracurricular activities such as half-day tours, cultural workshops, optional conversational practice with local students, and weekend field trips to famous attractions in Taiwan. Located at the foot of Zhinan Mountain, NCCU is renowned for its picturesque campus, and its tranquil studying and living environment. There are multiple options for on- and off-campus housing available throughout the year.


The CLC offers non-credit, intensive Mandarin classes at all levels. Each student will receive a certificate at the end of the program indicating their total hours of study and final grades. All classes are taught exclusively in Mandarin. Reading materials use traditional Chinese characters, and both Pinyin and Zhuyin (Bopomofo) systems are offered to meet the needs of each student. Class sizes are small with six to eleven students per class to ensure attention can be given to each student. The curriculum may be adjusted if necessary. (Please note that groups with six to eleven students of the same language proficiency will be placed into one class, while groups of twelve or more students will be divided into two different classes).


CLC administers a placement test at the beginning of the program to determine the Chinese language proficiency levels of incoming students. Students will be assigned to classes based on the results of their placement tests. Groups of over twelve students will be divided into classes at the beginning of the program.


NCCU students will assist by offering a campus tour to new CLC students in order to introduce them to the university and to life in Taipei and Taiwan. Students are encouraged to use all CLC and NCCU facilities such as free Wi-Fi, libraries, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool and other sports facilities. The CLC computer room (with high-speed internet access) and a quiet reading room are also available during CLC office hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm). NCCU also offers an on-campus shuttle service for students that costs NT$1 per trip. (Please note that there are fees to use certain NCCU facilities such as the swimming pool, gym, and tennis court).

During some afternoons the CLC offers half-day tours and cultural workshops that are designed to allow students to practice their daily lessons in real-life situations outside the classroom and to experience authentic Taiwanese life. The activities, held in various locations, introduce local life, culture, and traditional handicrafts.

Taiwan’s unique culture fuses together language, religion, food, and art. To truly appreciate Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and have a worthwhile trip, one must not only study language in the classroom, but also get out and experience life for Taiwanese people in the community. Not only is Taiwan’s temple culture an integral part of the local lifestyle, but the buildings themselves also have their own distinct characteristics. Sanxia district’s Zushi Temple, Wanhua’s Longshan Temple, Zhongshan’s Xingtian Temple, and Muzha’s Zhinan Temple are all well worth a visit. The delicacies found in Taiwan’s night markets are a quintessential part of life in Taiwan. Taipei boasts numerous night markets, such as Shilin, Tonghua, Raohe, Ningxia, Huaxi, and Jingmei, to name a few. Each has its own specialty, so you might as well just pick one and try it. For those who enjoy historical and cultural relics, Taipei’s National Palace Museum, National Museum of History, Museum of Formosan Aborigines, and Hot Springs Museum are not to be missed. Taipei offers a multitude of fun activities, like taking in the view from the Taipei 101 observatory, sipping tea in the evening at Maokong, enjoying the area’s hiking trails, and watching the sun set from the bank of the Danshui river. We hope you will join us as we enjoy Taipei together.


*1. This class schedule is only a sample and is subject to change.
2. Tutor(s) will accompany students on all afternoon tours.
3. Weekend field trip fees must be paid to the travel agency directly.


NCCU International House
 Five-minute walk from NCCU main campus, free wired internet access
 Rooms will be reserved for applicants/groups who pay half of the housing fee before May 15th, 2020.
 Additional charges may occur in the event of overuse of preset basic electricity and telephone services.
 Available period: Aug. 3 – Aug. 21, 2020 only

NCCU Dormitory No. 10
 On-campus, non-coed, bedding and check-out cleaning included, free wired internet access, and additional AC card for NT$ 500 per room
 Deposit NT$ 10,000 per group
 Available period: Jul. 6 – Aug. 14, 2020 only


The following study sessions are available in 2020

  • July 6th – July 17th, 2020 (Arrival: July 5th, Departure: July 18th)
  • July 20th – July 31st, 2020 (Arrival: July 19th, Departure: August 1st)
  • August 3rd – August 14th, 2020 (Arrival: August 2nd, Departure: August 15th)

*The study session is changeable to suit your needs and is available from July 6th to August 21st, 2020.

Please refer to the chart below and select the plan that best suits your needs:

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