ARC Online Application is now open

How to create an account

  1. Click on “Foreign / expatriate students”, and you will see an information page for foreign and expatriate student applications (see figure below).

2. Click ‘Apply now’ on the information page for foreign and expatriate student applications, and you will be led to the login page.

3. Log in to the system. For first-time applications, all foreign and expatriate students need to register new accounts to log into the platform. Click ‘Register New Account’ button on the login page to arrive at the ‘Student Registration’ page, as shown below:

4. Fill in basic information and click ‘Register Now’. Once all data is checked by the system, a pop-up screen will indicate successful registration and ask the applicant to activate the account by checking the verification email

Pop-up message indicating successful member registration

5. The platform will simultaneously send an ‘email verification notification’ to the email address that the applicant registered. The applicant will receive the verification letter by email, as shown below:

6. Once you receive the membership verification email, click the verification code link to begin verification. If verification is successful, you will be directed automatically to an activation page, and a pop-up screen will appear that indicates ‘the account has been successfully activated.’

First-time application for resident certificate

  1. Click ‘Apply online’ located on the menu bar ->‘Foreign/ expatriate student
    first-time application for resident certificate’ to be directed to the “First-time
    application for resident certificate function page”, as shown below:

2. Before you are directed to the “First-time application for resident certificate” page, the system will automatically check to see if you have exceeded 15 days since being admitted into the country. The system cannot process your application
if you have exceeded 15 days since being admitted into the country.

3. You can only apply for a resident certificate online if you have not exceeded 15 days since entry to the country. If you satisfy such criterion, you will be directed to the ‘Terms and conditions page for resident certificate applications’
page, as shown below:

4. Tick the “agree” box and click ‘OK’ button to proceed with the application. You will then be directed to the selections page for first-time resident certificate application page, as shown below:

5. Choose the type of applicant identity, intended type of study program, and status of your study. The application form will be customized depending on the information you fill in, with regard to identity, type of study program, and status of your study, and will let you know the documents you are required to upload. Format of uploaded documents include: JPB, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and PDF, as shown below.

First-time resident certificate application page (received offer from school but not yet enrolled)

6. After the application has been successfully sent, it will appear under the New Applications tab on the foreign student resident certificate page so that you can see your application status listed in the pending issues box, as shown below:

7. The system will simultaneously send a notification email to the applicant indicating that the “application is now accepted for further review”

8. If you have been issued a 6-month electronic certificate because you received an offer but have not yet enrolled, you must complete your registration before the certificate expires within six months. You must also log
into the system and apply for a renewal/replacement certificate (i.e., replacing your unregistered electronic resident certificate for a registered IC resident certificate). This does not apply to applicants for short-term language studies.

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