Learning Chinese in Taipei

Thinking of learning Chinese, but want to go to somewhere less typical? Consider Taipei, the capital of Taiwan!

Currently, several languages are spoken within Taipei, but Mandarin Chinese is still the main language of the city. However, due to the heavy existence of foreigners (mostly from Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines) in Taipei, English is widely spoken.

Despite such linguistic diversity, Taipei’s main language remains Mandarin Chinese. This version of Mandarin Chinese however, is still criticized by mainlanders to not be the most “standard” form of Mandarin, although both forms are mutually intelligible. Regardless of this distinction, the Mandarin spoken in Taipei is considered legitimate and Taipei is a fantastic city to learn Chinese abroad.

If you are coming to Taiwan with any sort of experience under your belt, you are going to have to adjust to traditional characters if you were taught simplified beforehand. It’ll be a challenge, but traditional is just as important as simplified is! Below is an overview of your course options in Taipei:

Private tutoring/group courses

Both of these are great options for those who are not able to attend universities. These can also take advantage of the small amount of people and encourage communication between students, which tends to be the best environment for language learning. Beware however; private tutoring tends to be double the price of group courses.

University courses

Taking language courses at a university happens to work best for learners currently enrolled in a college or university, since many universities can place their students in institutions overseas. These programs are easy for university students because students are able to transfer credits gained abroad in their respective home universities.

Popular programs within institutes and universities include National Mandarin Institute, International Chinese Language Program (within National Taiwan University), the Mandarin Training Center (within National Taiwan Normal University), and Taipei Language Instituted. Taiwan also has a surplus of Chinese language Centers! Choose one that works best for you.

Language study & culture combination programs

Many programs offer language and culture combos, giving you a clearer idea of what life like is Taipei! Not only will you improve your Chinese proficiency, but you’ll also learn how to walk and talk like a Taiwanese.